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Bridging Finance
2v has a range of home loans suites to bridging finance in perth


Bridging Loans allow you to purchase a new home now and sell your current home later.

These loans are especially helpful to 'bridge' the gap between the sale of one property and the purchase of another. The interest rate on a Bridging Home Loan is usually the same as that of a Standard Variable Rate Loan.

Advantages are that you can build your new home before you sell your existing home and avoid moving into a rental.

The Smarter Way To Build
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Bridging Loans are suitable for home owners who are purchasing or constructing their next home BEFORE they have sold their current home even though they may need the proceeds of the sale of their current home to complete the purchase of their next home.

As the name for this type of loan suggests, bridging loans bridge the financial time-gap between selling the existing property and buying the next one if home loans are involved in both transactions.

Bridging Loans, however, can also be very useful to raise money to carry out essential repairs or improvements to your existing home to help you to sell it for a higher price.

2V Finance can provide a range of bridging finance solutions that are not only affordable but more importantly, flexible enough to meet your own particular requirements, offering short term bridging finance loans to people across Perth looking to cover the gap between purchase and sale, 2V Finance are the bridging loan specialists.

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